How To Apply To Increase Credit Card Limit

If the current credit card limits are not sufficient, consumers can submit a credit card limit increase application and continue to use the same credit card with higher limits.

As a result of the beats made in the past year regarding credit card limits, it has been made possible for each consumer to use credit up to 4 times their income. In this context, consumers can submit credit card limit increase requests up to 4 times their income. Good Finance credit cards are also of the type to increase the limit.

Good Finance Credit Cards

Good Finance Credit Cards

Good Finance sells credit cards of Good Finance Bonus Classic, Good Finance Bonus Gold, Good Finance Bonus Platinum, Good Finance Bonus Supplement Card for individual customers. Limit increase requests are also submitted for all of the mentioned credit cards.

Good Finance Credit Card Limit Increase Application

Consumers whose credit card limit is not sufficient should use Good Finance branches or Good Finance call center for credit card increase. It is not yet possible to transmit the application via the internet or mobile branch.

Consumers who will send a limit increase application through the Good Finance call center should call the call center 444 88 88 and be connected to the credit card customer representative. After the interview, the limit increase request will be received and the request will be concluded within 24 hours.

It is possible for the consumers who want to send limit increase requests through branches, and submit their requests by using the nearest branch tool through the Good Finance website.

Ways to Increase Credit Card Limits

Ways to Increase Credit Card Limits

After the credit card limit increase application is examined by the bank, it will be answered positively or negatively. If the result is negative, consumers must try different things before submitting an application for the same amount again. Otherwise, the application will be negative again.

Credit Card Limit Is Determined By What

The monthly income of the consumer using the credit card limit is determined to be directly proportional to the spending habits, credit rating, and financial volume. Although it is possible to allocate the credit card limit up to 4 times the salary in accordance with the legal legislation, this is only a right granted to banks and it is possible for banks to not benefit everyone from this right if they wish.

Therefore, consumers who want to increase the credit card limit have to have higher income, have a higher credit rating, and spend more.

How to Upgrade Your Credit Rating

The credit rating is of great importance not only for credit cards but also for all kinds of commercial transactions with banks. It will be seriously beneficial for consumers to increase their credit ratings.

In order to increase the credit rating, it is necessary to close the existing debts, make regular installment payments, not apply for unnecessary credit or credit cards, and continue to use banking products.

If a credit rating has not been established yet, it should be aimed to obtain a credit card and to form a credit rating as a result of regular use, even if the limit is low.

Can Limit Be Taken Up To 4 Times The Salary?

Can Limit Be Taken Up To 4 Times The Salary?

Disclosures and published news brought up to 4 times the salary credit card limit. In this context, the lowest limit of credit cards available to consumers should be 5200 USD based on the minimum wage, but this was not the case.

Because the legislation in question was about making it possible for banks to issue credit card limits up to 4 times the salary. In other words, consumers cannot set a credit card limit up to 4 times their salary due to the enforcement of the legislation. In order to fully use this limit, high credit rating, high income, etc. they have to fulfill the requirements.

Good Finance credit card limit increase

In addition, although it is announced that a limit increase request up to 4 times of salaries can be transmitted, on the other hand, credit card limit increase requests started to be rejected more frequently by decreasing the number of installments and attempting to decrease consumption expenditures and the income expressing a higher risk against credit card installment payments.

In case the loan applications are rejected frequently and the credit limit cannot be taken with the desired limit although it has a high credit rating, the application must be made from the bank branches along with the income certificate. In credit card limit increment applications that are not made with an income certificate, information is received from the bank with the latest income declaration and credit card limit increment request is evaluated with this income. With the submission of the new income document, it will be possible to update the monthly income information to all banks.

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