Retirement Loan Application 10 thousand USD 36-24-12 Month Maturity


One of the banks providing credit facilities for pensioners is Good Finance. Good Finance, which produces solutions at various specific points that retirees need within the scope of the retirement package, can also meet a large amount of financing needs in a short time.

Therefore, it will be useful to briefly mention how Good Finance pension loan application is made for 10 thousand USD, which should be considered.

Good Finance Retirement Private Loan

Good Finance Retirement Private Loan

Good Finance provides a 12-month maturity loan up to 10 thousand USD with an interest rate of 1.25% with the loan product it has prepared for retirement. It is possible to meet various needs with the loan in question, for which the financial allocation fee is not paid. Within the scope of the loan product:

  • Consumers who use a 3,000 USD loan pay 309 USD in installments each month,
  • Consumers who use 5 thousand USD credit pay 516 USD installment every month,
  • Consumers who use 10 thousand USD credit should pay 1032 USD installment every month.

For loans to be used with higher amounts and maturities, the general purpose loan product should be applied. Life insurance is also required to use credit. The life insurance premium is 28 USD for a loan of 3 thousand USD, 48 USD for a loan of 5 thousand USD, and 96 USD for a loan of 10 thousand USD.

Good Finance Pension Private Loan Application

Good Finance Pension Private Loan Application

It is possible for the consumers who want to make a request for this loan product, which can be allocated for retirement, to submit applications via Good Finance branches or the Salary and Retired Customer Line on 0850 222 00 91 .

The submitted loan application will be evaluated and answered within a very short time. The credits of the consumers who are positive as a result of the loan application will be allocated immediately after visiting the branch and signing the necessary documents.

How Much Credit Can Be Taken?


How much credit the retirees can get depends on their salaries. According to the BRSA legislation, a maximum of 70% of loan installments can be paid, but banks have reduced this rate to 50%. Therefore, considering how only half of the monthly income can be used for loan installment payments, how much loan can be used can be easily calculated.

For example, the maximum amount of payment that a person who receives 2000 USD pension can make for loan installments is 1000 USD. If he wants to use the loan with a 12-month term, he can allocate a maximum loan of 12 thousand USD, if he wants to use it with a 24-month term, he can allocate a maximum of 24 thousand USD, and if he wants to use it with a 36-month term, he can allocate a maximum of 36 thousand USD.

Is There a Retirement Age Limit

Age limit is not a legislation specially prepared for retirement. Banks prefer not to give credit for people older than 80 years old. In this context, the loan terms include being under the age of 80. If a 77-year-old loan is to be used, a loan with a maximum maturity of 3 years, a 78-year-old loan with a maximum maturity of 2 years, and a 79-year loan with a maximum maturity of 1 year.

Retirement Loan Terms

  • Documentation of retirement,
  • Being under the age of 80,
  • Credit installment payments are less than 50% of the monthly income,
  • If an application is made for a mortgage loan, the document showing that the consent of the spouse is also required must be submitted.

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