Unknown Tactics and Methods for Improving Credit Rating


With the increasing importance of the credit rating day by day, we consumers; We are now more sensitive about the debts to be paid to the banks and also to borrow to the banks. Although there are many factors that decrease our credit rating; Likewise, there are some methods to increase our credit rating.

While some of these methods are common ordinary methods, some details are not fully known to consumers. As we share information on many topics for our esteemed readers; In today’s article, we will try to present the Unknown Tactics and Methods for Upgrading the Credit Rating to your benefit by addressing the credit rating issue.

Why Credit Rating Drops First, It Is Necessary to Know

Why Credit Rating Drops First, It Is Necessary to Know

Before we learn how to increase the credit rating, what needs to be done so that our credit rating does not decrease, that is why we need to learn why our credit rating drops. Instead of writing down the list of factors that lower the credit rating one by one, we will provide you with a single magic sentence to summarize this topic.

Any transaction that will perceive that your financial situation is deteriorating before the bank will cause the bank to see you at risk, which will cause your credit rating to drop. Let’s say a few of these transactions that may be encountered the most.

  • Failure to pay debts on time,
  • Increased borrowing amounts,
  • We can count three important reasons such as no money in your accounts.

After clearly explaining why the credit rating has fallen, let’s transfer the unknown tactics and methods that will increase the credit rating.

Whatever I Do My Credit Rating Rises

Whatever I Do My Credit Rating Rises

Banks will not lower your credit rating immediately after two transactions or due to a loan that you couldn’t pay or a credit card debt delayed 2 days. This decline will be all by taking into account all the data, and this decline will accelerate as your financial statement continues to signal. Finally, it will fall into the riskiest category, Good Finance red color class, and then your ability to withdraw loans from banks will no longer be eliminated. Before falling into such a situation, you should take your precautions and, if necessary, go to configure your debts.

Despite all the measures you have taken, your credit rating has dropped and now let’s move on to what you can do in this situation.

Make Money in Your Bank Account

Having a small amount of money in your bank account that you work for will change the perspective of your bank. Of course, this should not be 5 – 10 USD when you say a small amount, at least if you have 500 USD or more, if possible, you will get more positive results.

Use Your Credit Card

If you still have a credit card; Do all the shopping you do in your daily life on this credit card. However, do not fill the limit completely. If possible, do not exceed 60 percent of the limit. Of course, when we say this, we do not say you spend unnecessarily on your credit card. The purpose here is to actively use your credit card. You will use your credit card, but you must pay your debts exactly on the day. So by doing this; When the bank and KKB (Credit Bureau) examine your financial statement; it will be ensured that the consumer receives data by spending with a credit card and paying on time.

If you do not have any credit card because you have a bad credit rating and you cannot get it from any bank, then apply for a credit card from the banks that received online credit card applications. Try all the banks until you get the result. Preferring banks with flexible rules on credit card allocation will strengthen your chances of getting faster results. If your credit card application is finally accepted; As mentioned above, use your credit card actively and pay your debts on time. The effect of this on your credit rating will be considerable.

We remind you again that you should be careful about using your credit card and not to make unnecessary shopping just because I will increase my credit rating.

Automatic Bill Payment Instructions

Automatic Bill Payment Instructions

This is an issue that is not known to every consumer and, in fact, has positive effects on your credit rating. Because automatic payment instructions that you will give to your bank for your invoices; From the perspective of the bank, it is a sign of trust. In accordance with the automatic payment instructions you provide; Note that you must have enough funds in your account to pay the bill on the due date of the invoice. If there is no such balance, it will make an eye when I say eyebrow, and it will lead you to have a profile that is difficult to pay your debt at the bank.

Closing Unused Bank Accounts

You can have accounts in many banks for different reasons. There is no problem with this, but your accounts that you are not actively using may have a negative effect on you. Therefore, close your accounts that you do not use in banks. At least reduce it to two or three. After that; Make an effort to keep small amounts of balances in all of your accounts.

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